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Valerie Pappas Llauro was featured in an article on Bold Journey. Here she is pictured with her son, daughter and husband.

Bold Journey Shines a Spotlight on Valerie’s Journey to ‘Walking Strong’ for Duchenne

Valerie Pappas Llauro was recently featured in an article on Bold Journey, where her journey unfolds. In 2011, her son’s diagnosis with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy set her on an unexpected path. This rare genetic disease prompted her to establish ‘Walking Strong,’ a foundation dedicated to raising awareness, funding research for Duchenne, aiding families with medical needs, and providing vital mental wellness support. Through the Walking Strong organization, Valerie has left a profound impact, assisting over 150 families and raising more than $1.5 million.

Valerie’s story, which shifted from a career in the film industry to leading a non-profit focused on Duchenne, beautifully illustrates the unpredictability and resilience of life’s purpose. Read the full story on Bold Journey.”

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