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Walk Strong With Us and Change The Lives of Those With Duchenne

There is no greater satisfaction than helping those in need, easing their burden, and bringing joy into their lives.

When we started the foundation, in order to raise money for research and create awareness, we did not realize that our core mission would become helping Duchenne families overcome their many struggles with Duchenne.  We have relieved the burden for many families that are dealing with their son’s recent loss of ambulation and needing to purchase an expensive handicap accessible van they cannot afford.  We have provided relief when a family did not know how to pay for a medical device that is not covered by insurance.  We have fostered a young man’s career by providing him the education through online training to become an interpreter in Hospitals.  We have given a boy, a “best friend” – who is a service dog and his unwavering emotional support partner.  We are providing life-changing mental health support to Duchenne Mothers/Caregivers who have never had a shoulder on.  We could never do this without so many people donating to the cause and doing this charitable work TOGETHER.

Let’s keep going and continue to bring joy and be a blessing to all who are in need!

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